Monday, 29 March 2010

Shirley Chaplin and her Faith

I cannot believe that in a Christian country one cannot wear the symbol of the Christian faith.
I am tired and frustrated by the political correctness brigade making ludicrous assumptions of what constitutes an offence for people of other faiths. It is patronising and downright rude.
I am a Hindu but I sought treatment when I was very ill in a Christian hospital. I have to say the cross which some of the nurses wore provided great reassurance and comfort to me as a patient because of what it represented. I felt that the wearers were people of gentleness and compassion and I trusted them wholesomely with my treatment. I felt at ease with them, simply because I could identify them as people upholding Christian values.
So please PC Brigade, not in my name!
Well done Shirley Chaplin for challenging these demands for you to remove your cross. Your story suggests this is much more than an issue of health and safety for the Trust. I would be surprised if you can find a single Hindu who has a problem with you wearing a cross.

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