Friday, 9 April 2010

David Cameron on Abortion

The Guardian today totally abandoned all impartiality in reporting to facilitate an attack by the abortion industry on the leader of the Conservative Party for taking a position on abortion. David Cameron earlier this week told the Catholic Herald Newspaper that he favours a reduction in the time limit for abortion from 24 weeks to 20 or 22 weeks. For an industry which has seen huge increases in income from the ever increasing plight of women in crisis pregnancy, there are no prizes for guessing the response. Two of the usual suspects, Abortion Rights and Family Planning Association came out kicking and screaming in the Guardian that any rollback of the limit would be distressing for women. Yet this concern for women does not manifest itself in any tangible support for women who decide to keep their babies. So much for being pro-women and pro-choice. Those who really care about women will reach out to empower women to have their babies.
Quite like King Canute who tried to command the waves to roll back, the abortion industry is worried that the tidal wave of public opinion is turning against it and therefore screams loudly to intimidate those who take a definitive position on the abortion issue. A 2008 ComRes poll showed that seven out of ten people back a reduction in the time limit to 20 weeks or below or a complete ban. This revelation should not be ignored by those who claim to represent the interest of the people. Top marks awarded to those who are forthright in proclaiming their position so the public are fully informed and equipped to make decisions on how their wishes can best be fulfilled.


  1. Poor old King Canute is much maligned - he did not try to command the waves to roll back. He was trying to point out to people that he was all all powerful and that the waves would not go back at his command. I don't know what lesson abortionists can learn from this, perhaps that the truth will be known eventually and that the harm abortion does to women, babies, men and society as a whole will one day be known!

  2. Sorry - tried to say NOT all powerful!