Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Their True Colours – Declining Abortion Rates and the Response of the Abortion Industry

The abortion provider, Marie Stopes International came under fire this week for advertising its service on television. But we must not be surprised at Marie Stopes’ actions. It is adopting sound business strategy. You see national statistics for 2009 show a second consecutive year of decline in abortions. Not good news for providers like Marie Stopes, who were contracted by the NHS to provide more than half of the 189,000 abortions in 2009. The “market” is in decline and therefore money must be invested in expensive advertising on national prime time television to ensure continued financial viability. After all taxpayer (NHS) funded abortions have been steadily increasing since the year 2000, for this lucky multi- million pound industry. Moves to guard against a decline in sales are therefore entirely understandable. Marie Stopes even admits its fear in a current job advert for a Business Development Manager. According to the advert “ It is essential that the role keeps abreast with proposed changes in the NHS and identify opportunities or threats that these may present to MSI” . Another job advert says applicants “will be responsible for researching and developing new business opportunities in the region in order to increase MSI’s profile and market share”.

So it emerges out of the horse’s mouth. This is about increasing market share in the face of potential decline in “sales” and threats to the business. It must have rattled the industry when David Cameron on the election trail talked about supporting a reduction in the time limit for abortion. The industry’s activists came out kicking and screaming at his remarks. Well why not, after all seven out of ten late term abortions performed in 2009 was in the taxpayer funded independent abortion industry of which Marie Stopes leads the way. With this so called charity collecting £1,720 for a single late term abortion (19-24 weeks-Marie Stopes website), its fears are understandable.
What is disgraceful is the refusal by this abortion provider to tell the whole truth about the purpose of the abortion ads. They are clearly a marketing tool for Marie Stopes services, ranging from its £80 telephone consultation, to its £1720 abortions. For four decades the abortion industry has profited off the plight of women in crisis pregnancies and it is not going to stop now. It should readily admit that and stop this charade about empowering and acting in the interest of women. If Marie Stopes is really serious about women’s interest, how about empowering women with the ability to continue with their pregnancies. If they are really pro-choice they should provide practical support for women who choose to keep their baby . But this in non-existent. Instead the word from the abortion industry is...come to us, we will help you, by ending the life of your child, for at least £440 (cheapest abortion at Marie Stopes). In this new age of austerity the Government would do well to take a second look at the lucrative taxpayer funded contracts awarded to such institutions as Marie Stopes.
The number of abortions will continue to decline in line with the turning tide of public opinion against this procedure. The next step must be to expose the abortion industry for what it is. At a time when some are hanging their heads in shame for the way they have used taxpayers money, I am sure there is room for some more on the bandwagon. Please do make some space for the abortion industry!

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