Sunday, 20 February 2011

Preachers of Hate in the Education System

I am not a huge Channel 4 fan but one must give credit where it is due and the Dispatches programme last week must be commended for revealing lessons of hatred in an Islamic school in Birmingham. The Darul Uloom school has complained to OFCOM about the programme but there is no denying what could clearly be seen on the recorded videos. I watched in utter disbelief as the Muslim speaker asked "Who drink the p..s (the other word for urine) of a cow?" The answer from students, "Hindus". Then he went on to declare "The Hindus..they drink the p...s of a cow, the cow is their God, they ride the cow, how can you ride your God? And so it went on. The misguided idiot seemed to have singled out Hindus for particular attack.

I am surprised that there has been silence from the Hindu organisations in Britain. But then I cannot say they have done much to represent the Hindu point of view in British society. Why do people still wonder where Hindus stand on so many issues of our day?

For those who speak out I expect the hindu voice should be heard, that we will not stand idly by while preachers of hate misrepresent our faith and spread animosity and intolerance within the education system.

I expect OFSTED which likes to make a song and dance about schools that should be in special measures etc and the Department of Education will have some more to say about this Islamic School in Birmingham. Lets wait and see.

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