Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Agni V - Of Wickedness and False Pride

India recently test fired Agni V, a long range intercontinental missile which reportedly cost over $400M to develop. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh hailed the launch as "another milestone" in the country's "quest for security, preparedness and to explore the frontiers of science". How about a quest to alleviate the mass suffering of over a quarter of a billion Indians who live in severe poverty? It is scandalous and wicked that the Indian Government can find hundreds of millions of dollars just to flex India's muscle when so many live in abject poverty. How much more could have been done with that money to provide opportunities to lift Indians out of poverty. It should
be a source of shame to those who run this country that millions of children go hungry every day while those in power speak of India's national pride. National pride should reflect significant
progress in human development, not expensive military gimmicks.

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